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Envy Authenticity

Authenticity Seal

Fear the clone, fear the conformist. Personally I envy the “geeks,” “nerds,” and “social outcasts.” These harsh words describe a demographic of truly unique humans, with either the ability or the strength to march to their own beat. The hermits and thespians that are true to themselves, outspoken and fearless. I believe that the reason we condemn them is the same reason we condemn our true personalities. The root of this psychological rant is also rooted in the belief that the truth always comes out. Customers always find the con artist, and deceived followers always discover the secrets of their leaders.


The truly authentic personalities, they are easy to spot, they may not be the loudest voices but they stand out because they are not carbon copies of other people. They are unique, in their dress, speech, and demeanor. Many admirable pieces of their personality are revealed for all to see. The public in general is in awe, mystified and sometimes cruel to this group. What gives them so much courage? Who do they think they are, to be themselves, go against the grain? Reject the status quo?

These rare personalities are relentless in their ability to whether the storm created by mainstream media; they shun tradition and create their own rules. These people are often the most interesting people I’ve ever met, consider the opposite, how many times do similar people have similar answers to the questions you ask? Ask a business student about their job search, will each answer be unique or will an excuse about the job market be coughed forth. Classes in entrepreneurship are often enlightening experiences, you don’t find these classes full of the social elite. Instead you find the truly bright and passionate, the driven and the strong. I know this sound like a bad pep talk encouraging you to break the mold. In some ways it is, but in others it is an urge to examine your behavior and mentality that you project to the masses.

Be Suspicious

Of the carbon copy, the mold made acceptable by society and the media. I’m not saying there is something wrong with them, or that they are dangerous, but they my not be outwardly reflecting their unique personality. Many times people say that they are reminded of someone else when they are introduced to a new person. Clearly there are going to be overlapping personality traits but the quirks and differences are the key to our prosperity and the growth of our personal brand. Personally I believe that the cookie cutter student or employee is offensive, generally it is easy to see that the working population gets beaten down easily and frequently. Everyone looks the same, everyone speaks the same, and the way we neglect our dreams is a pandemic.


Your personal brand through the expression of your unique personality, everyone has a story to tell, but no one wants to hear a bland and boring copy of someone else’s tale. Find a way to reveal your personality to the world, be the black sheep. There is always something remarkable about being the only one, there is no one like you, unless of course if you try to be someone else.

I’m not sure who said it but a quote pulled from my Twitter time line:

Be Yourself, everyone else is taken

Find your voice and shout your message.

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  1. B Dobro says:

    Nice article, Brian. I think this idea of conforming to society's pressures is very important. I truly wish that we could live in a society where no one was afraid to be exactly who they wanted to be, barring they don't infringe on others. That's what diversity really is.

    I think we need to ask what “normal” really means and the social rules that we place on one another. For example, why is one considered crazy if they talk to themselves out loud? We all do it, but we know to either keep it within our own heads or not do it when others are around, for fear of being considered an outcast. Yet, there's nothing intrinsically crazy about projecting your thoughts. There are a countless number of examples.

    This should be looked at from the very early stages of one's life, particularly middle school and high school, when kids are completely shot down for being different. This is a vital time in a person's life when they begin developing a sense of self. We should be praising rather than criticizing one another for being different. Of course, we shouldn't be different just to be different (which you occasionally see), but rather not fear being different for the sake of retaining a sense of normality.


  2. Brian Cox says:

    I love your comment here Brandon, so many times in our childhood we are pushed away from the personality that is uniquely ours, by our friends, parents, and bullies. I believe the real heros are the parents and friends who tell their child that anything is possible and enable them to believe that being themselves is preferred over fitting in with the crowd.

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