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Enasni Clothing – Coolest brand on California Shores

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Enasni clothing is an incredible line designed by Peter Zhang, it is featured in Peter’s store in La Jolla, California. Currently he as store front on Prospect St. it is beautiful, after personally visiting I agree with all of the customers when they say it is the most comfortable and stylish clothing you can buy. Peter’s brand offers a full line from clothing to shorts to dresses, he cooperates with other designers to offer a fully stocked store complete with shoes, purses and other accessories.

How did you go from business school to clothing design?

Picture of Store Interior

Business school was a means to an end for me. I never saw it as a direct necessity for what I chose to do and what I will continue to do in life. However, college was a time well spent. If I learned nothing, what college did do for me was, it gave me the time to figure out what my next step was. It gave me time to mature and grow mentally and emotionally.

Is your degree from Bryant a required step to your success?

Women's Clothing

My choices after business school were a result of following my own desires and ambitions. My degree from Bryant was not required. To be honest, nothing is required. As long as you have a vision and you want to achieve it, you will find a way… like designing clothing.. who needs Parsons? Although, there are always different paths which one can take to increase the chances or rate of success, success in your own terms.

I would have to say, being an entrepreneur, you should value every aspect of your journey… the more you learn and take in at every step, the more prepared you will be in the future.

Could you describe the situation in which you learned the most for your business?

The situations in which I learn the most from are from my biggest mistakes. What just dawned upon me is the idea that it is probably a good thing to make big mistakes when you are young and starting off. If you happen to get lucky and hit a home run on your first try…. remember it was just luck and you learned nothing. You established no concrete cause and effect relationship for your resulting success.  But do that a second time and I will be impressed. Like Malcolm Gladwell says in his book, “The Tipping Point,” you have to spend something like 100,000 hours doing something in order to be a master at it.

What are your current successes and obstacles?

Men's Shirts

Surprisingly, the first thing that pops into mind in terms of current success is that I am still struggling and pursu

ing what I set off to do a year ago. The biggest requirement for success is that you continue until you succeed. It is a scary thought when you feel like you are deep within a tunnel and the light seems so far off in the distance. Persevere.

My current obstacles are many. The thing I’m struggling most with at the moment is the question of how to bring more local customer to my store, RAD, and how to get the community involved with it. Between adapting and doing whatever it takes to survive as a retail store, I also want to build up my own clothing brand ‘enansi’.

What is the most useful tip you have for entrepreneurs starting out?

Peter Zhang Owner of Enasni Clothing

For the young entrepreneurs, there really is no one tip that will show you the way. There are a lot of bumps in the road for you to figure out on your own. The more you figure out, the better you are at wh

at you do. With that said, always carry a positive/undefeated attitude. Take every difficulty as something to overcome and grow stronger from. You are young and that is your advantage. Spend the time and enjoy the process of being an entrepreneur because that ultimately is what will turn you into a successful person. It’s the process. It’s the mentality. You might not see immediate results, but as you move along, those who want to succeed or have succeeded, will gravitate towards you. It’s like the law of attraction.

Peter has a lot of experience, he’s been running his store for  over a year now through a recession no less. Visit him on Prospect St. if you’re in the La Jolla area. Or reach out:

Store:     1298 Prospect St (suite 1P)
La Jolla CA, 92037

Website: Enasni

Twitter: Peter Zhang Enasni Clothing

Facebook: RAD Designers

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