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An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Barring addiction, we are all creatures of our own desires. If we desire to change, we change. If we are impassive or lazy we do not. I find that one of the most powerful attributes in business and in life is the ability to change.

Adjustment and adaptation are crucial to success. Some of the most basic structures of our day include our subconscious habits that plague all of us. Whether they hurt or help they are always there, consistent and often binding. How do we change or adapt. I am a huge proponent of abrupt and violent change. A harmful habit is cut from my life like a bad tumor. Helpful ones are adopted quickly and embraced; I often have anxiety when I forget to try a new trick that I have learned.

I turn my back on the habits that hinder me, it’s almost if I find them offensive. The gradual approach is also a valid one especially if the habit is addictive. The difference with the abrupt and gradual is the subtly of cheating. When you gradually step down you there is an easy way of subtly cheating. When you turn your back on a habit violently you know when you’re cheating, and others do too.

Study your habits; make sure the ones that form your reality are the ones that will help you succeed. One bad habit can ruin many hours of work.

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