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Disappointment is what you make of it

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Starting with a familiar occurrence, imagine a situation that has you so excited you cannot sleep, maybe a big event your planning. From my personal experience this event was a concert, put on by a group of apparently under qualified people. Promised was the chance of a lifetime, a big concert opening for a well known band. This opportunity doesn’t come along often. As I am the manager I handled all the logistics concerning the participation of my talented group of artists. In 2 days I put in a substantial amount of effort, promoting and facilitating the mobilization of our fans. Seemingly I put in more effort than the group facilitating the event. I saw them advertise once; they said “we hope we have a good crowd.” We hope?

There is the first step in the wrong direction, but I realize that I can make that happen for this underprepared bunch. So we continue on until the final nail in the coffin. An email 24 hours before the concert explaining that the top prize is now unavailable and would be replaced with a negligible amount of money. Obviously the show did not go on. This proved to be a severe disappointment.

The Wrong Way

We had 2 options at this point; we could relent, give up, and break. Just as in life we have the choice to give up our dreams and passions. We could blame the group, which planned the ill-fated event. We did not participate in the concert and that could be considered a form of retreat.

The Right Way

In our eyes, we believed that we could create an atmosphere, which would facilitate a positive environment to play our music. This is the way we were taught to think by our parents. “What happens when we fall of the horse?” “We get back on” Even though this represented a minor speed bump in our plans we stood tall, alerted our fans and took responsibility for our actions. We did not cower or blame others, we found a way to redirect our energies in the direction which would fuel our growth. We decided to stand tall and remain gentlemen about the situation.

How did we make up for it? Currently in the works, we are planning our own concert, not centered on prizes but centered on the emotions of our music and our fans. The most important aspect of music is its ability to positively affect all who choose to listen. With this concert we are symbolically getting back on the horse after our grave disappointment. This is one of the most important lessons of the entrepreneur.

Get back on that horse

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul.

William Earnest Henley

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