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Consistency is boring right? Sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs, the activity in question concerns the free time that we can always find. Which activity relieves the most stress? Is it running, maybe you like yoga or kickboxing. Whatever your stress reliever make it a part of each day. Even when you think you don’t have time, find a place for it in your schedule.

This activity is one of the most important things grounding your mood, energy, and stress. The exercises, which put the body through eustress, are vital to the healthy functioning of our body. This might be the one thing that keeps you sane. Strength training is my favorite form of eustress; it forces you to focus on what is important in that moment, not killing yourself with each lift.

Often we find ourselves stressing over the workload we have to accomplish for the day. Exercise is often forgone to keep working when in reality it may improve our productivity. Because we clear our mind, increase our heart rate and release endorphins our bodies respond positively with more energy, focus and less stress. Combining these factors creates the perfect storm of productivity.

We should all strive to consistently make the choice that will enhance our performance. “Detoxing” our bodies through some form or exercise will allow our minds to refocus, relax and rejuvenate. Consistency is crucial; consider very imbalanced times in your life. These times represent the most stressed and unhealthy periods we face. Mentally and physically we are drained and unhappy. By casting this daily anchor we provide a firm handhold for unfailing health and productivity.

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