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Cut Out the Tumors In Your Life!

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Fill your life! Nothing is more rewarding than a life full of fun, family and friends. I find nothing to be more rewarding then being utterly exhausted after a great weekend with friends and family. That’s what life should be, filled, to the brim. Why not make every encounter a positive one? Many times our personal growth comes in contact with a force that is neither helpful nor required. Examine an example from life, can you think of an example of a person who spends more time worrying than happy? Accept the fact that this force is a detriment and move on.

People, jobs, activities or even personal habits can create a negative impact on our goals and dreams. Remember that no matter the situation you can always change your position, maybe this year in addition to your resolution of losing weight and eating healthy, you make a mentally beneficial resolution, remove the harmful relationships in your life. Every human needs interaction, true, but the difference between positive and negative interaction is easy to see. We become dependant on those around us, we see the trap of dependency in many situations.

Job dependency, relationship dependency, chemical dependency, the list is endless, make a change for the better, find a way to break the habits that bind you into a negative cycle.

The 9-5 job is on most occasions a very good example of a negative environment. The employees are depressed, look at the satisfaction rate of corporate workers. Something like 24% of those employed actually enjoy their work. Should I break out the champagne now? Working in a positive atmosphere would increase productivity ten-fold but it is impossible to reproduce in the corporate world. Look at a new start up; entrepreneurs are constant offenders of being extremely positive and their workspaces are electric with productivity. You create a magnetic energy around you. People are attracted to excited, energetic smiling faces.

Start small, our lives should be about pleasure, and happiness I know I sound like a hippy but it is important that you don’t spend your short time on this planet a lonely, depressed hermit. Change is always easier in small steps, and big change is a gradual process. Pick something not easily missed, you know that one of your acquaintances is particularly negative, constantly nagging or complaining? You know people like this, they don’t make you laugh, and they always have another problem to tell you about. Find ways to shorten or limit your time with these people, slowly remove the tumor from your life. Tumor? It seems harsh but the fact is that negativity is more draining, mentally and physically than any other force.

But I Work With This Person!

Interaction is always by choice, you chose who accompanies you to lunch, the gym, anywhere, you can chose your friends. I bet you could have your office moved without too much effort. All that is necessary is to explain your reasoning, if I moved my office, or my desk, my productivity would drastically increase. Then follow through because it will increase, purely by your ability to focus and stay positive.

Its My Boss!

This one is particularly hard, I understand that sometimes it seems we are trapped but there are always different departments, different building, different anything. If you want to lead a truly happy life you must cut out the negatives. Be resourceful and find a way to remove the connection.

Dominate Negativity!

This seems a little irrational but from experience there are significant benefits to your own positivity. A great number of tasks can be completed with the sheer force of positivity, networking, delegation, progress. It all takes positivity, take someone that you cannot remove and dominate his or her negativity with your positivity. Believe in their ability, loan them some of your vast self-confidence and you will start to slowly see a change in these people. Do not underestimate the power you have over the moods and minds of those around you.

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