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Change Your Stars, Change Your Life

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Build a better life, a more fulfilling life with hard work and tough choices. The inspiration for this statement comes from the movie “A Knight’s Tale,” which seems to be stuck on repeat on HBO lately. I personally love this movie and the message reflected in the plot.

The movie follows William on his journey to become a knight and “change his stars.” He hails from a poor area of London and becomes a squire for a knight bound for a life of adventure. When his master dies, he forges lineage documents to become eligible for knighthood. Fighting in tournaments around Europe he eventually changes his stars, I wont tell you how because I want you to watch the movie although I’m not affiliated with it in any way.

Step 1: Commit

Learning from this movie we see that it takes one taste of glory to instill a passionate drive for success in William, after posing as his master in a tournament he instantly commits to becoming a knight to change his stars. When examining the lives we lead many instances arise when we see opportunities for change, the problem is that we don’t pull the trigger, we don’t commit and the opportunity floats on by.

Pull the trigger!

Step 2: Do anything necessary to realize your end goal

For William this meant forging a new identity to compete in the tournaments. I am not endorsing illegal actions, just emphasizing the need for a passionate drive to succeed. Many successful businesses started with lots of hoops to jump through, lots of hard work just to make it to the starting line.

Bottom line; don’t let any barrier stand in your way, including yourself.

Step 3: Hustle

Just as any good knight, William hustled through weeks and weeks of practice to become the skilled knight he is. This is very much similar to the hustle needed to get a company, personal brand, or new job off the starting line and into the race.

If you chose something your passionate about, sleep should come second!

Step 4: Change your stars

Following the movie, your happy ending is just around the corner; all it takes is one foot in front of the other. Make one choice after another to build your company or brand to greatness. The stories of rags to riches are all around us, add your name to the list.

Find your motivation for greatness, your passionate drive for success.

Change your stars and change your life.

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