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Broadcast Your Talents, Outsource Your Flaws

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Working your way through every challenge presents unique opportunities to succeed or fail, to prosper for flounder. The main idea behind a corporation is the ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds to specialize and tackle a specific facet of your business. If you apply this to your life as a whole you will find that there are significant benefits to delegation. Delegation in terms of the abilities in which you have no experience, by finding specialists in your group of friends or partners in your business you find extra time for the projects that you have reserved for yourself. This ability is a talent that requires investing trust in those around you.

This applies to life in the same way a business or a relationship, without a business or relationship you can master the ability of delegation with the people in your “inner circle.” These are the people you chose to invigorate and develop who surround you. Take a business example; around a CEO there are marketers, financiers, accountants, lawyers, and assistants. The CEO while having huge responsibilities also commands large projects and top down strategy initiatives. With this huge inner circle he can delegate marketing plans, accounting fillings, and financing initiatives. Without this ability the company would function.

Apply this to your life, who around you is willing to help you out for similar favors in return? Who has specific talents that you have not mastered? In my experiences I’ve found that surrounding every person is a group of people with unique talents which represents an opportunity for success, this goes along with the “Nature of Ambition” post that stresses the need for community building to uplift those around you. Specifically around me I have, marketers, accountants, financiers, tech support, creative talent and emotional support structures, benefits of a business school background. I can lean on these people when I find myself overwhelmed, or when I know that they could accomplish the task with more efficiency or quality. Remember that trust is the key, its I well founded that when you trust in people they will come through in most circumstances because humans have a general need to please those around them. Remember this fact but don’t forget to reciprocate when they trust in you to accomplish a task.

This ability starts with the realization of your own talents, by searching through your passions you will find your specific talents or interest, which are easy to nurture. Then take the next step to look outward at the group you trust, find their talents, what they spend their free time doing and slowly create an environment of cooperation, you will find as you accomplish things for each other you will come closer as a group which is just another positive. All great things take cooperation and the ability to delegate, ask for help, and it will be given, return the favor and your circle cannot fail.

This is similar to the Master Mind Group in Think and Grow Rich, the group describes a circle of trusted advisors or friends with vast experience in the areas you are unfamiliar, these are not necessarily business partners. They go over business plans and entrepreneurial ventures together in secret to make sure that each member is progressing with the best possible plan of attack. The book does not focus on delegation of tasks, more the exchange of ideas. A relevant metaphor would be a rough draft that you brought to your peers to review; you would then take the final draft and execute it yourself. This post is about the delegation of all tasks through trust to accomplish more as a group, to specialize for the betterment of everyone around you.

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