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Brain Washing?

Swinging Clock like hypnosis

One quick post for a very happy Friday. Patrick Sargent recommended these things called paraliminals, he found it at the Skool Of Life blog. They say that these “paraliminals” can replace a nap and leave you refreshed and excited for your tasks ahead. Based on my own use, I’ve found that they do replace naps. I opened my eyes after the narrator said the number five on the audio track and felt refreshed. It seems slightly questionable though, I feel as though it is a training session for your internal monologue, it is the words you should be saying to your self, positive, soothing thoughts. The one they offer for free prepares you for a particular event you have coming in the future.

Like I said it has been working great for me and I have to credit the Skool Of life for the find but I would like to see others try it out and hear their responses.

Patrick Sargent

Skool Of Life Blog

Learning Strategies Free Paraliminal Download

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  1. Mike Thoene says:

    Sounds kinda creepy to be honest, but if it works I'll definitely have to give it a try, I'll try it later on, unless there is a specific time of day your supposed to do it..

  2. Brian Cox says:

    Well there is no specific time, it is supposed to be like a meditation of sorts that replenishes you instead of napping or something similar

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