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Believe! It’s All You Need

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I will cause others to believe in me, because I believe in them, and in myself.

Think and Grow Rich

Mental health is something most of us take for granted. Obviously we all have our small issues, our momentary depressions and similar phenomenon. The ability of the mind to create our reality is a large talking point for some of the world’s most popular personal development books.

Consider the brain, just as your favorite radio station can censor your favorite songs, your mind can create or destroy any feeling or experience we’ve ever encountered. Following the links here we could assume that if you believe with enough force it will become fact for your mind.

Repeat to yourself:

I love every social situation because I am supremely self-confident

Eventually this sentence or any other sentence you repeat will become the truth. Each thought considered with enough emotion and force will find a way to become fact. This is the basis behind the “Law of Attraction.” Psychologically we can apply this not for riches but for the sole purpose of healthy mental activity.

A Call to Action

It seems rather straight forward but there are many things to consider. From my experience writing is the best way of creating a concrete plan. As a means to narrow down the areas you wish to improve, create a bio written in the third person. This is an exercise, which will allow you to highlight your strengths and weaknesses, list everything about yourself. Write your achievements, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, anything possible that describes your current self.

The next step as you might have guessed would be to create a complete future bio of the person you would like to be, physically, mentally, socially, as well as in terms of achievements. Think of it as a personal contract, which will allow for personal growth. By following these 2 steps you create a timeline, outlining the areas of development that you should mentally repairing through emotional and passionate belief in yourself.

If your major shortfall is public speaking, repeat to yourself the fact that you are the best public speaker, that you love speaking in front of crowds and that you always create a positive lasting experience for your audience.

Remember each sentence has to be positive and definite. Avoid words like “think,” “maybe,” or “could,” while embracing phrases like “I am,” and “I love.” Apply these words to the tasks or traits that you wish to have and they will be yours with enough mental training.

What ever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Think and Grow Rich

Some books to teach self-confidence:

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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