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Each Day Is A New Battle To Be Won

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From the moment we awaken we are faced with choices. Should we fall back asleep or to start the day? Should we get right down to work or maybe watch some TV? Each moment there is an opportunity to make a choice. We are in control of our destinies.


Each day we face the decisions that will shape our future, now more than ever I am feeling the pressure to make the correct decisions. Although I happen to be in a position of transition, graduation means many things to me. It is a new chapter, a new opportunity and a new day to make choices that will echo in my future.

Although we may not all be in this transitional phase the choices are all around us. The beliefs that every day is a small battle for the metaphorical war that is our lives. It may not be violent or aggressive but each day is a piece of the puzzle.

Facing opportunity is hard but each time we choose our personal growth or progression we make the correct choice for the battle of the day. Each morning, my hardest battle is leaving my warm bed; I imagine this is an uphill battle for most people. I feel that I am working to fix this example of procrastination by working each day to wake up at the same time (Check out this related blog post: “Get UP!”).

This is a small example of the tiny choices that we all make that affect our future. I find that I am most frustrated when the people around us expect their goals to be reached without the necessary level of commitment or hustle. They are losing the small daily battles that construct the war. How do they expect to fulfill their goals?

Enough Rant

  1. Make a list of your most sought after goals on paper
  2. Put them in order of importance
  3. Make a timeline with using actual dates for deadlines
  4. Place this tangible timeline on your refrigerator
  5. Each decision you face, ask: “Will this help accomplish my goals?”
  6. Think of your timeline, your motivation, your future
  7. Regret is the ultimate enemy, ask: “ Will I regret this decision tomorrow?”
  8. Make the choice that will allow you to win the battle of the day!

Where will today’s battle take you? Make sure it’s somewhere you want to be.

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