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Are You Outsource-able

A common theme with globalization is the outsourcing of labor. Well if it’s so obvious why do people refuse to train in professions that are outsource proof? I find it most frustrating when people know what the problem is but refuse to change the way they operate. Just as corporations will become obsolete if they do not outsource, you as a resource will become obsolete if you train in a profession that will possibly be available for outsourcing.

Because there are brilliant minds all over the world it is easy to find talent that is cheaper than that of the United States. With different levels of standard of living you may be paying relatively low prices for your service but to the foreign worker you are paying top dollar.

Many people didn’t realize their jobs were outsourceable until they were obsolete. Potentially the most important part of your job might be just staying ahead of the curve. If you can reveal the movement of your job from the US to overseas you have a powerful position that allows you to train yourself in another discipline.

It would be spectacular if everyone would have the ability to pursue the trade that makes him or her most happy but it seems that with the market we are facing currently that is not a possibility. The world is becoming smaller and smaller. Everything is more convenient, faster, or more efficient. We forget about all of the people who are made obsolete from our constant evolution. We have to remember our fate is in our hands; no one will look out for your future.

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