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5 Quick Tips to Boost Productivity

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When you productivity is based on the cooperation of another person, much is sacrificed in the way of efficiency. Luckily there are some quick tips to help us improve upon the productivity of working relationships. These tips can apply to many relationships, and they need to be implemented because we only have 24 hours a day.

  1. Organize your tasks into lists; use this list to keep track of each of your most important obligations. Most new phones have a calendar function. I find that using the alarm part of the calendar is most helpful. This tool allows me to forget about an obligation until it is relevant.
  2. When a phone call to an associate is necessary, use another list to remind you of all the topics that need to be covered in the call. Simply trying to remember everything is inefficient unless you have an elephant brain. This trick allows you to minimize phone time and phone calls. It also keeps your associate on task longer without breaking their concentration.
  3. Structure your day grouping phone calls with other distracters together while keeping tasks you have to perform separate to avoid breaking your focus. I would start with the phone calls to clear your mind of obligations, which require focus.
  4. Make the most of non-productive obligations. Delegation of tasks, phone calls, tweets, and status updates along with other similar tasks may be necessary for your brand as well as your company, but make sure they are accomplished efficiently. Each one of these examples has their time wasting hazards; it is easy to get sucked into catching up on the phone for a few minutes or monitoring your Twitter or Facebook feed. Accomplish what is necessary and move on to your productive tasks. Many times it is recommended that these tasks are preformed during a certain time and day of the week to minimize the amount you have to worry about them. This method also teaches associates and acquaintances that you are not at their beck and call.
  5. Business relationships are helpful in many situations but they are huge time wasters in other specific situations. Make the most of your productive time periods by disconnecting; don’t look at your email, Twitter, Facebook, or really anything that is updated frequently. Disconnecting is a great way to focus and accomplish tasks in the quickest time possible, freeing you to move on.

Master these quick tips as well as create some of your own to build the most powerful and productive business relationships. Associates and acquaintances are helpful additions to your network, but used improperly hinder your own productivity. Make sure these relationships help more than hinder.

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