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3 Words for the New year, Inspired by Chris Brogan


I recently found myself looking through past post of, this man has a blog to die for. I can only gaze in awe at his Feedburner count, knowing that each reader is positively affected by his or her subscription. Now that I’m done being star-struck I’ll describe the reason I’m currently writing this post.

Chris explains his unique approach to the new years tradition; he describes the way that his “3 words” affect his actions, demeanor, and goal setting. Each January 1st he chooses 3 words that affect a facet of his life in one way or another. The words he chose were Ecosystems, Owners, and Kings. I wont go into the meanings behind the words mostly because it’s a personal thing; he explains on his blog each word briefly so you can check it out there. The real use of these words is not to create a resolution or a direct goal, the meanings of the words are meant to illicit a feeling or provide guidance. They are used to guide your actions, and your journey to new opportunities.

I was compelled to write this post after being up for 2 hours turning in bed after reading his post and maybe 30 of the comments. This would be the perfect way to guide my actions for 2010, maybe the most eventful year I have ever had. His post outlines some of my greatest successes and flaws with new years resolutions. So I have decided to “Think Like Chris” for 2010 and chose 3 of my own words, which will guide my new year!

Leap –verb –to move or act quickly or suddenly

Action words like leap illicit a great array of imagery; they immediately remind us of the movement required. For this application I focus on the ability to take risk, my personality is one of over calculation, this can creep up when people have a fear of failure. Ex. Me, this year I will not take unnecessary risks but attempt to make decisions when they are most beneficial instead of when I feel I’m ready.

Build –verb –to establish, increase, or strengthen

Kind of like a wall, more like a community. By definition build is a powerful word, I will apply in the sense of establishing and strengthening the community around me. Not my neighborhood or my specific location. I will target the community of readers, friends and family that I love. I will build my network; connect outward and upward as I progress through the successes and trials of 2010. This pertains to the abilities of those in my community as well as myself, I want to use my talents to help my community build and grow.

Presidential –adj –of the nature of a president

Presidential like Kennedy, all politics aside when you think of the actions, mood, and demeanor of a president a certain image comes to mind. Poise, grace, honor, and diplomacy, are some adjectives that come to mind. So many times in life we are caught off guard by the world as it changes around us, presidents of great companies or great nations maintain an air of calm in a world of uncertainty. For 2010 I hope to embody this word in my actions and demeanor. When people think of the way I handle situations I hope adjectives like poise, grace and honor come to mind.

A quote from The Optimist Creed:

“I promise myself, To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.”

Try it out!

If my own inability to sleep without choosing my words isn’t enough to convince you, read Chris Brogans post on 3 words for the new years. I’m sure he can light a fire in your soul for the possibilities of 2010. Leave a comment about your 3 words!

Chris Brogans Post!

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