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Posts from ‘April, 2010’

Getting Wrapped Up in the Future

Sometimes we get so excited, so enthralled, and so consumed that we forget that we still have to perform in the present. New ideas are intoxicating, they envelope all of our senses and appeal to our imagination. With all of these great attributes what could possibly go wrong. Many things! We can get so consumed [...]

Summer Syndrome

If nice weather and outdoor activities were not enough, there is also the lack of motivation facilitated by the low productivity of those around you. Unquestionably spring and summer can be some of the most distracting as well as most beautiful times of our lives. We need to find a balance between our relaxation and [...]


Who are you? The inspired, problem solving task destroyer or the “what can be done today can be done tomorrow” kind of person. Although most people are categorized as one or the other, I would argue that the latter just hasn’t discovered their passion. Exhibit A: One of my best friends is an average student; [...]

In Our Idle Moments

The question is efficiency. Do we work best non-stop or do breaks provide the relief we need to pursue our intellectual and business goals. The short answer is that it depends on how you’re feeling right now. Is your mind a flutter of random activity refusing to keep its focus on the task at hand? [...]

Knowing Who Matters

Life is a balancing act we all attempt to master, life vs. business as well as friendship vs. relationship. We can learn a lot from an analysis of our choices. Do we betray the trust given to us or do we embrace it and remain as loyal as a German shepherd? People trust us all [...]

The Psychology of a “Job”

Measuring the effectiveness of a worker is the business of a corporation. We are not measured by our ability or uniqueness. Only in the task we are given are we measured. There are many great and depressing metaphors for the employee, all of which we ignore for the “American Dream.” We believe that if we [...]

Reaction or Opinion

When we open our mouths a number of things can come out. We express our emotions as well as our talents through the gift of speech. One of the most important things we can do is provide our insight into a particular subject. We are often asked of our “opinion,” these could be defined as [...]

The Risks of Pride

My business partner reminded me of the hazards of being prideful. Many situations create the environment to be prideful but the reality is many people do not intend to bruise your pride when they make decisions or forget a phone call. They don’t intend to create an enemy or cause you to over think the [...]

Finding your personal catalyst

Multiple opportunities present themselves to build upon our experiences in life and not everyone has the ability to embrace it. Those who can take charge and seize the moment of opportunity inspire us all. We want to be like them but we are unsure as to how to achieve that level of confidence. Maybe we [...]

Positivity is the key to success

There is one place that harbors our inner secrets and securities. The mind is our greatest vault but sometimes our only cage. The mentality of success is what separates the top 1% from the rest. The ally we need most is our own confidence, without the inner voice telling us we are invincible we are [...]