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Posts from ‘March, 2010’

What do you want?

Utter these words and be prepared for silence. This question is one of the hardest to answer. How do we know if the path we are currently traveling is the right path for us? Using the words of Machiavelli, how many of our choices are based on the ends instead of the means? I think [...]

The End or the Journey?

Undoubtedly we all experience a multitude of situations, adventures, and people. Consequently we often take these chance happenings for granted; we become jaded, depressed or worse, apathetic. We lose sight of the truly important, should we forgo a night out to get an early start in the morning? Sure we all have to work, but [...]

Open Your Eyes, Open Your Mind

Open mindedness is a characteristic many believe they have but few possess. The ability to hear and understand new information and interpret it at face value is a sought after trait. It is hard for people to learn after years of similar thought patterns. We become very predictable after only a little while and if [...]

It’s Out of My Hands

Stress is at the epicenter of many of our biggest productivity robbing pillars. We base our productivity on factors including mood, energy, and health. If any of these are out of balance we experience a decrease in our productivity. Remember a time of unusually productive circumstances, I would bet that none of them entailed a [...]


Consistency is boring right? Sometimes the benefits outweigh the costs, the activity in question concerns the free time that we can always find. Which activity relieves the most stress? Is it running, maybe you like yoga or kickboxing. Whatever your stress reliever make it a part of each day. Even when you think you don’t [...]

It’s the Little Things

Everything grand in life is an aggregation of something seemingly insignificant. Everything is a piece of a larger whole that makes up our reality. Although we don’t always see the connections some are easier to appreciate and apply than others. Look at something as fundamental as our health. We are built of many systems controlled [...]

The ABCs of Critical Thinking part three

We’ve already considered the A and B of the “ABCs.” These included the affective or emotional base and the behavioral or action based response. Now we’ll move on to the “C,” or the Cognitive component of critical thinking. This piece considers the realization of the conscious actions our minds make when thinking at an elevated [...]

The ABCs of Critical Thinking part deux

As the title describes this is part two of a mini-series concerning critical thinking. The first piece of the 3-component theory involves the emotional base or the affective component. This is the piece which provides the second deterrent to critical thinking. After affective we have behavioral. The behavioral component considers the possible route of actions, [...]

The ABCs of Critical Thinking

Life is a montage of decisions; each one is arguably vital to our lives. The circumstances we find ourselves in today are ripples from past choices. So I figured that a little mini-series on critical thinking was necessary to facilitate the mental environment for good decision making. Psychological theory suggests that there are 3 components [...]

An Old Dog Can Learn New Tricks

Barring addiction, we are all creatures of our own desires. If we desire to change, we change. If we are impassive or lazy we do not. I find that one of the most powerful attributes in business and in life is the ability to change. Adjustment and adaptation are crucial to success. Some of the [...]