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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Disappointment is what you make of it

Starting with a familiar occurrence, imagine a situation that has you so excited you cannot sleep, maybe a big event your planning. From my personal experience this event was a concert, put on by a group of apparently under qualified people. Promised was the chance of a lifetime, a big concert opening for a well [...]

The Famer’s Wheelbarrow

What is the most important tool to your survival? Is it your car, your phone, maybe your house? These items are fiercely defended, often the most important tool to our financial livelihood. These coveted items give us the ability to provide for our families, the luxury of dignity and the privilege of having values and [...]

One Man Show

A powerful leader is one who can take the shape of any player on a team. They may not be the best but often times in small companies the person who is most flexible is the most valuable. Leadership requires sound decision-making skills along with the irreplaceable ability to adapt. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses [...]

Emotions, Sabotage or Creative Catalyst?

Sabotage Out of control, a phrase that describes many instances where we don’t have the ability to make good decisions. Many times our emotions are at fault, have you ever replayed an argument back after spending a moment to collect your thoughts? Our biggest arguments or conflicts arise when we don’t have a grasp on [...]

Keep Going Hustle Like You Mean It!

We all have the ideas that can change our lives; one way my roommates keep up the motivation to fight seems crazy. When we see legendary quotes we read, maybe we tweet, but often they are forgotten. My roommates have found a way to remember and be reminded every day. Yes thats their wall, a [...]

Plan or React?

When we think of a plan we are assuming that nothing will interfere. We assume that all will go according to plan. At least that’s what the saying leads us to believe. Well from experience the ability to plan is secondary to the ability to react. Reaction is an art, part instinct part decision making. [...]

Finding Your Passion In School, Your Personal Evolution

“I think I want to be a hedge fund manager.” These were the words that led me to business school. Before the utterance of these words to my mother, I wandered through high school like many of my friends. No interesting cocktail stories of a passionate startup at the age of 18, although there were [...]

“I Wanna Make Bank”

What is the motivation of the entrepreneur? Is it legacy, money or ego? Maybe a combination of the three, maybe it’s something inside that tells them that the status quo is no longer the right way to make a living. One of my favorite blogs, Under30CEO, tackles the issues of the young and the restless. [...]

Talking to yourself is a good thing, right?

Here are some tips for a turbo-charged week that can carry you through your lifetime. Each one of these simple words can affect the way we mentally carry ourselves through the moments in life that mean the most. Each seemingly small step creates major ripples in our self-confidence; remember that when reading each point. Visualize [...]

Making the Most of Each Relationship

I felt a Valentines Day inspired post was necessary, but not romantic ranting or how to please your girlfriend because I sure haven’t mastered that. Each day is a gift and the moment you are experiencing currently is the most important moment of your life. Ok, Carpe Diem you get it. Life is a collage [...]