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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Brain Washing?

One quick post for a very happy Friday. Patrick Sargent recommended these things called paraliminals, he found it at the Skool Of Life blog. They say that these “paraliminals” can replace a nap and leave you refreshed and excited for your tasks ahead. Based on my own use, I’ve found that they do replace naps. [...]

Envy Authenticity

Fear the clone, fear the conformist. Personally I envy the “geeks,” “nerds,” and “social outcasts.” These harsh words describe a demographic of truly unique humans, with either the ability or the strength to march to their own beat. The hermits and thespians that are true to themselves, outspoken and fearless. I believe that the reason [...]

Shout Your Message!

Everyone has a story to tell right? So there must be a lot of static over the airwaves, how will you make your message stand out? How can you get others to relay the message, champion your cause? Bloggers Being new to the game has lead to the exploration of the community of bloggers recommended [...]

Morally Bound

The question faced by providers continually is the obligation to their customers, versus the obligation to shareholders. Torn between profits and the ability to provide quality products. Customers expect the truth from their providers in terms of service, quality, and performance. Each large corporation faces the so-called principal-agent problem of incentives; the beauty is that [...]


Keepers of information, walls to progress, impassable chasms of detriment! Whichever metaphor you chose each of us has encountered a “Gatekeeper,” these people hold us back, with paperwork, egos, scheduling, anything you can imagine. A lot of problems stem from the inability to get passed these obstacles and achieve our ultimate goals. I wonder how [...]

Late Night Lifestyle!

In the spirit of the location of this post, Las Vegas, I feel that the late night lifestyle deserves some love. I’ve found that I am not alone in my innate ability to avoid sleep. I spend maybe six hours a day sleeping, during school my time is filled with huge amounts of work, which [...]

Manage Your Mood

In many way humans are susceptible to the outward forces of the world. Our experience is dictated by the way events unfold, right? Wrong, many human habits which our under our control have huge impacts on our moods. Since the goal is lifestyle by design, we are bent on designing a happy life. Monitoring your [...]

Make Those Blog Posts Count!

Who is your target audience? When are they on Twitter, Stumble, or Digg? These are things you need to know, why post a blog or tweet about something important when no one is looking? Twitter Traffic generation from Twitter is best from 11am-5pm central time, as stated by many research sites, which conclude that it [...]

Speak Your Mind! It Saves Time

Honesty… Use your words, the most basic and obvious form of communication. Don’t be subtle with hints, don’t talk behind peoples back, get right to the point and solve your problems. An honest explanation and heartfelt confrontation is much better than a drawn out miserable excuse for a relationship. This applies to any correspondence you [...]

Wave of New Management!

Finding your niche in this global environment is becoming increasingly important. Many Internet leaders are pushing the fact that finding your niche is crucial to finding success in the Internet world. Why is it so important to find your place? Well many successful businesses run solely on the Internet, which is incredible. This wave of [...]