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The Nature of Ambition

Negatives of Ambition
Don’t forget the ones you love, the people who support you are the key to your success. They create your most powerful network. When you forget about them or lose focus, don’t be surprised to find yourself alone in a world that is sometimes unwelcoming.

In one of my most ambitious moments I found that I was being bombarded with extra projects, none of which were my own. I found myself, saying “No.” I believe myself to be a positive person, and this seemed to go against everything that creates my reality. A new path was required to fuel success, if an opportunity to help another presents itself, accept.

There must be limits; you cannot accept every opportunity, right? I’ve found that when you make time for others they go out of their way to find opportunities to help you, sometimes without asking! Following this path has lead to more connections, projects, and experience, without these events your life remains empty.

Create an accepting and positive aura around you, people gravitate to you and you find yourself with more opportunities for success.

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