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“Love the Life You Live.”

Happy Boy

This mantra is the foundation of my every decision, the ability to live without regret, it seems out of reach, but with belief and honesty to others and yourself this goal will be reached.

Young people are constantly searching for direction, I am no exception, the belief that you will succeed by following the footsteps of others may ring true for some, but at what cost? You must ask, what is your legacy? Where is your independence, confidence, unique spirit?

Have you found the motivating force in your life? If you have, will you map a new course or take the safe route. Opportunity is everywhere; will you recognize it and pursue your potential?

We are all unique; will you capitalize and embrace your passions?

I must blaze my own path, create my own legacy, fulfill my potential.

“If honor is your guiding star you will always find respect.”

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  1. Mike says:

    You inspire me, Brian.

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