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Building Your Inner Circle

Everyone breathes networking!

Although it is one of most crucial pieces to any profitable venture or business career, there is a base group of people who are available 24 hours a day who support, motivate, and entertain you. This could be your mentors, friends, business partners, parents, and siblings.


Although your mentor chose to donate their time to you in the hopes of passing their expertise down to you, you have some responsibilities to them. Fulfill the goals they help you set, or if you don’t, make sure you have devoted enough time to understand why you missed your goal so that you may improve and succeed in the future. Make sure you have committed sufficient time to each task they feel is important. Mentorship doesn’t only have to be a one-way street, try to find a way to return the favor; one of the easiest paths would be promoting your mentor through your network.


Although your infectious personality attracts many types of people that are considered friends, everyone has a group they know they could always turn to. This group should consist of likeminded individuals who have their own ambitions and goals. This group should not consist of people who drain you mentally, they should uplift, entertain, and inspire. You should be excited to see them every chance you get and know they will do anything they can to help!

Business Partners

Finding business partners is a critical process in the creation of a venture, a partner has a vested interest in your success, this member of your circle is very important as you are both mutually dependant. Make sure this relationship is beneficial to both parties and that your personalities mesh well. Although this merely scratches the surface of partnership make sure that you are doing everything you can to help your business partner succeed and they will do the same.


As a young entrepreneur your parents may be one of the most important pieces of your network, there are many ways to help your parents succeed, an understanding of internet marketing may be one. Although my mother is the definition of a networker, she doesn’t have the computer proficiency to manage social networking, one way I helped her grow is the creation of her social networks such as LinkedIn, and Twitter. By teaching your parents new outlets for their talents you are providing them new ways to connect and build their brand.


Bound by blood! Too dramatic? Well, your siblings present a unique opportunity, they have distinct similarities and differences, maybe your morals and ethics are similar providing a great business parallel, or your specialties provide a unique opportunity for a symbiotic relationship. Whatever the connection as part of your circle your siblings provide a safety net that comes in handy when your newest venture proves to be your latest failure. They are there to rebuild your confidence and reignite the engines until your ready to try again.

Your “inner” circle is the core group of people who protect and uplift you, look in every direction, who is always there for you? Make sure you’re doing everything you can to uplift your “inner” circle and you’ll find people all too willing to return the favor.

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