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Posts from ‘December, 2009’

Visualize and Attack!

Like the Water Boy, harnessing the immense power of the subconscious is the key to a life fulfilling your dreams. This post is a synopsis covering the chapter of Think and Grow Rich, which teaches you the power of visualization, or a fancy word for daydreaming. Napolean Hill emphasizes this fact to the point where [...]

The View From the First Floor

Business Background – Mike Thoene has been helping friends and family with the whole gamut of computer problems, he is A+ certified and has never let me down. I switched to Mac and he is still helping me when I get frustrated with a programming or firmware issue. He just started a blog a little [...]

Building Your Inner Circle

Everyone breathes networking! Although it is one of most crucial pieces to any profitable venture or business career, there is a base group of people who are available 24 hours a day who support, motivate, and entertain you. This could be your mentors, friends, business partners, parents, and siblings. Mentors Although your mentor chose to [...]

Network, Build, Grow, Under30CEO

This is one damn passionate entrepreneur network, read my favorite blog post for an exceptionally motivating discussion about our Gen-Y “predicament.” The leaders of this community of brand builders beg “gen-y” to “stop doing sh*t you hate,” and I can sympathize with their story. Currently as a college senior I am facing the same binding [...]

The Nature of Ambition

Don’t forget the ones you love, the people who support you are the key to your success. They create your most powerful network. When you forget about them or lose focus, don’t be surprised to find yourself alone in a world that is sometimes unwelcoming. In one of my most ambitious moments I found that [...]

Share the Wealth

Kiva – Loans that Change Lives, my personal experience with “micro” lending.

“Love the Life You Live.”

This mantra is the foundation of my every decision, the ability to live without regret, it seems out of reach, but with belief and honesty to others and yourself this goal will be reached. Young people are constantly searching for direction, I am no exception, the belief that you will succeed by following the footsteps [...]